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We're looking forward to continuing to grow and expand the content to better meet the needs of our members.  We hope you'll join us at our full forum meetings and the CIP Working Group meetings.  These meeting are guaranteed to be full of new and interesting topics, which include: Self-Report and Mitigation Plans, Lessons Learned, Q&A with the MRO and much more!

This website provides you with the ability to ask other members their opinion on your topic of choice.  If you have a specific dilemma that you would like an outsiders opinion on or if you just want some advice, there is now a location where other MCCF members will automatically get notified when you post in the discussion area.  It's easy to get to. From the home page go to Members Only, then go to MCCF Discussion Group and click on "new post".

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MCCF June Forum Meeting
June 17-18, 2015

The meeting will be held at:
Crowne Plaza - St. Paul Riverfront

Agenda, tentatively includes:

CIP "Mini Breakout Session", Audit Experience - OPS and CIP, Physical Security Best Practices Panel, PER-005-2, MRO Update to Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring, Open Discussion

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